BidPrime Quarterly Edition: 22, 2021 - Q3

BidPrime News Nov 18, 2021

BidPrime Introduces Salesforce and CSV Export Tool

On the heels of our recent release of the Salesforce and CSV Export tool, Anthony Kallas and Paige Taylor recently hosted a webinar, same subject. The response was exceptional and clients and people currently taking advantage of a free trial can visit here to watch a recording.

This powerful connection enables customers to export key bid details from opportunities posted within BidPrime's User Interface directly to their Salesforce CRM, with one click functionality. The exported fields are highly customizable for each user as designated by the Salesforce Administrator. If not utilizing Salesforce, customers have the ability to also download key bid details to a CSV file, for subsequent upload to a CRM solution.

The Export tool is included in BidPrime's new enhanced suite of Premium Data Services that accompany its existing array of comprehensive bid and analytic products. As part of this new platform, customers receive direct access to bids using bid Docs on Demand, Dedicated Account Managers, extensive customization, and more.

For more information on this exciting feature, visit BidPrime, contact your BidPrime representative, or call 1.888.808.5356.


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Industry Analysis

In the last few decades, local, state, and federal government agencies have increasingly turned to private companies to provide services that require specialized expertise at a fair price. Nowhere is this more evident than in security- with federal agencies, K-12, higher education, police departments and other governmental bodies hiring companies with technical experience and necessary resources in providing security guards, access control, and physical security.

BidPrime shows a few real world examples of security contracting, and how you can identify opportunities, respond to bids/RFPs and win some of these lucrative contracts.


In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, we have another reminder that disaster preparedness is critical. US government agencies do the following to help communities prepare for natural disasters such as tornadoes, fires, and hurricanes that threaten the safety and livelihoods of our communities. BidPrime puts those who can provide assistance in touch with requests originating from state, local, and federal agencies.


Maximize BidPrime

As announced in our recent press release, BidPrime has designed, developed and released our latest tool to assist businesses with identifying relevant public sector bid opportunities. DocSearch, a new Premium Data feature, allows our customers to quickly search deep into BidPrime’s collection of active and historical bid specification documents. For those looking to save time, money, and stress, DocSearch will be included as a part of BidPrime's suite of new Premium Data plans.

Stephen Hetzel, BidPrime's COO, recapped the development process for this new technology. Hetzel noted that, “Similar to our approach on any of our solutions and services, DocSearch was brought about through vital feedback and input directly from our customers. Our engineers and analysts took these important contributions and created and delivered this powerful tool. Businesses understand their goals to work better, work smarter, and to be more successful. DocSearch solves the problem of a businesses' need to quickly search within documents, qualify opportunities, and pursue and win those contracts which align with their objectives. In summary, it all comes down to one of our guiding principles: BidPrime was built to serve our customer’s needs and exceed their expectations. DocSearch is just the latest example of this.”

Users can take advantage of the technology to run queries across millions of active and historical specifications, tabulations, and awards exclusively hosted by BidPrime. DocSearch seamlessly integrates with Docs on Demand to provide customers with instant access to view and search newly released opportunities and bid documentation.


Based on feedback from current customers and prospective clients, BidPrime's researchers and web design team have developed and launched a Vendor Resource Center (VRC). The VRC is a hub of useful information designed to assist businesses with identifying and competing for government contracts.

Vendors and contractors, who have long been involved in government bids, RFPs, and contracts, along with those new to government procurement and purchasing, will sometimes have questions, need important contact info, want to request info from a public sector agency, etc... The VRC will help.

Recently, while discussing the origin of the VRC, Anna Barnett, who serves as BidPrime’s Director of Client Services, summed it up, "“We have heard from a number of businesses that they would value an easy-to-use hub to get answers to many of the general and specific questions that arise during the bidding process. Now, our customers, or businesses taking advantage of our free trial, can visit the VRC and get the information they need to include contact details on applicable agencies and organizations. All in one place!”

Current customers, and those on active, free, no credit card required, no obligation trials, can access the VRC by logging into BidPrime, and going to SUPPORT>RESOURCES


BidPrime Spotlight

During Q3 2021, we celebrated our 12th anniversary, since BidPrime opened our doors for business. We are always quick to thank all who have helped us to reach this kind of milestone.

This gratitude includes, but isn't limited to: Our customers for putting their trust in us and helping to shape our technology and services. Our team for being all in. Our vendors and friends for supporting us each step.

Here's to many more years of, "anything is possible".

The Big Bid Theory

Changing government purchasing & mankind one edition of #CrazyBids at a time. Special guests discussing special topics. All of that and more. A lot more!


Cybersecurity continues to be a challenge for individuals, business, and governments. You? Roger Grimes, from KnowBe4, explains how social engineering poses an enormous threat to your IT assets and outlines what you need to prioritize to protect against cybercriminals. Are your efforts futile? Listen, as Grimes provides insights to help you tackle the problems… it isn’t a long to-do list.

In Crazy Bids, Rick Jennings tips his cap to fans of the movie, Forrest Gump. Yum!

All of that and more. A lot more!


This calls for a Special Episode! Today, the US Senate voted and passed a massive $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package. How did we get here? What does this mean? What happens now? Emily Feenstra, Managing Director, Government Relations and Infrastructure Initiatives at American Society of Civil Engineers, visited with Bill Culhane to answer those questions and more.

With the package calling for $550 billion in new federal spending over five years, there is a lot to unpack. So, grab a chair, call a friend, and hear analysis and opinions from Emily Feenstra and Bill Culhane on what this all means for everyone in these United States.

All of that and more. A lot more!


Does everyone in your business or agency understand and believe that providing superior customer service is one important way to set yourself apart from the competition? Shep Hyken, best selling author and sought after speaker, returns to TBBT to share tips on delivering an AMAZING! customer service experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Shep also outlines many of the interesting and important points he presents in his latest book, ‘I’ll Be Back’.

In a Crazy Bids true to its name, Rick Jennings discovered a bid that pairs bourbon, beer and books.

All of that and more. A lot more!

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