DocSearch Ends Need to Manually Scan Through and Attempt to Qualify Bid Documents

BidPrime News Aug 11, 2021

As announced in our recent press release, BidPrime has designed, developed and released our latest tool to assist businesses with identifying relevant public sector bid opportunities. DocSearch, a new Premium Data feature, allows our customers to quickly search deep into BidPrime’s collection of active and historical bid specification documents. For those looking to save time, money, and stress, DocSearch will be included as a part of BidPrime's suite of new Premium Data plans.

Stephen Hetzel, BidPrime's COO, recapped the development process for this new technology. Hetzel noted that, “Similar to our approach on any of our solutions and services, DocSearch was brought about through vital feedback and input directly from our customers. Our engineers and analysts took these important contributions and created and delivered this powerful tool. Businesses understand their goals to work better, work smarter, and to be more successful. DocSearch solves the problem of a businesses' need to quickly search within documents, qualify opportunities, and pursue and win those contracts which align with their objectives. In summary, it all comes down to one of our guiding principles: BidPrime was built to serve our customer’s needs and exceed their expectations. DocSearch is just the latest example of this.”

Users can take advantage of the technology to run queries across millions of active and historical specifications, tabulations, and awards exclusively hosted by BidPrime. DocSearch seamlessly integrates with Docs on Demand to provide customers with instant access to view and search newly released opportunities and bid documentation.

BidPrime is the only source on the market with anything similar to DocSearch. This feature will enable customers to quickly scan pages of text within the documents for their specific keywords and search terms. As a result, this document text searching will speed up a customer’s process and save them time for the more important items on their to-do list.

As you can watch here, DocSearch offers clients the ability to perform quick searches of over 50 million indexed documents from bids going back over 7 years.

What does DocSearch provide?

    ● The robust technology available in DocSearch will help BidPrime’s clients identify even more opportunities.

    ● Will assist them in finding specific brand names and relevant line items within documents.

    ● Reduce time wasted scanning long documents through highlighted text search.

    ● Provide instant access to public PDF and Doc files.

    ● Clients will take advantage of extensive time savings by previewing, searching, scanning, and downloading the applicable bid documents.

Search Key Contract Terms

    ● Specific products/services

    ● Line items

    ● Brand names

    ● Competitive vendor data

    ● Budget items

    ● Prebid conferences

    ● Bond/surety requirements

This release is a part of BidPrime's new enhanced suite of Premium Data Plans that accompany its existing array of comprehensive bid and analytic products. As part of this new platform, customers receive direct access to bids using bid Docs on Demand, Dedicated Account Managers, extensive customization, and more.

For additional details on DocSearch, or how DocSearch can give you more time to focus on qualifying and winning business, visit BidPrime or call (888) 808-5356.

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