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What is Our Why?

Do you ever find yourself pondering the question, or get asked, "What is our why?" We all understand there are a variety of personal and practical reasons for doing what we each do to make a living. I'm confident many of those reasons apply to each one of us. Of...

Trump Signs Infrastructure Executive Order. Now What?

    The clock is most assuredly ticking. Going back to the campaign trail, President Donald Trump has professed his desire for the United States to address the horrible situation with the nation's deficient infrastructure. The latest? Earlier this week, President...

In The Beginning. BidPrime’s Early Days.

How far have we come? As we approach the eight year anniversary of the launch of our company, we thought it would be a good opportunity to turn back the clock and look back. Back in 2009, BidPrime started with three people working tirelessly to expand upon the idea...


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