BidPrime Quarterly Edition: 23, 2021 - Q4

BidPrime News Jan 19, 2022

BidPrime recently hosted a free webinar. In the presentation, we discussed some of the important aspects of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, recapped product innovations that help you and your business identify and win government contracts and reviewed what is ahead in state, local, and federal purchasing in 2022.

Stephen Hetzel and Anna Barnett, members of our leadership team and industry experts, summarize a few of the more major features added and enhanced in the past year. Hetzel recaps some of his insider knowledge on how the transformational legislation, Infrastructure Bill, and other factors will influence state and local (yes, and federal) activity in 2022.

Thank you to the hundreds of clients, and other guests, who participated in the webinar. Stay tuned for more webinars in the future.

If you are currently a client or on a free, no obligation trial, and would like to access a recording of the webinar, please visit our ‘Webinar Library’ by going here: Login to your BidPrime account. Go to SUPPORT>Tutorials>Webinar Library.

If you do not have a BidPrime login, you can access the webinar, via Demio, by registering here:


Cloud and Edge Computing Will Be Key for Government Agencies in 2022

State and local agencies will also need to maintain momentum around digital services.

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Biden’s Infrastructure Law: Energy & Sustainability Implications

The historic infrastructure plan includes the single largest investment to address climate change in U.S. history.

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White House Proposes Reforms to Increase Dollars to Underserved Small Businesses

Currently, the federal government has a goal to award 5% of its contracting dollars to SDBs.

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Detroit Water and Sewerage Department reports the city’s total water sampling results remain under the Lead and Copper Rule action level

... (DWSD) is reporting that its results for the Lead and Copper Rule compliance testing is 12 parts per billion (ppb), which is under the state action level for lead remediation.

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Infrastructure Bill is Signed, So What's Next?

Bill Culhane, host of 'The Big Bid Theory', visits with two industry experts to discuss the recently signed bipartisan infrastructure bill.

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Water And Sewage Market Companies Deploy Artificial Intelligence For Efficiency As Per The Business Research Company's Water And Sewage Global Market Report 2022

TBRC’s market research report covers water and sewage market size, water and sewage market forecasts, major water and sewage companies...

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Some local police departments don't have body cameras. That's going to change

More than $4 million in state grants have been awarded to 64 towns and cities across the state...

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Agriculture Grant to Boost Internet in Rural Oregon

The Triangle Lake area and Triangle Lake Charter School will benefit from Lane County’s slice of the $5.2 billion...

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Industry Analysis

Back on November 15th, after a seemingly endless series of debates and delays over the years, President Joe Biden signed into law the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. As a result, the transformational legislation will create much needed jobs across the United States and invest many, many billions of dollars to state, local, and tribal governments. In an unexpected twist to my tracking of this bill, I come to find out that an airport shuttle driver, in Texas, succinctly articulates the magnitude of this moment.

Setting the Scene

My charge was to go to the source. On the heels of the signing ceremony and conversations with Emily Feenstra, from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and Stephen Hetzel, with BidPrime, I made some calls, quickly constructed an itinerary, and travelled east to our nation’s capital. The banks of the Potomac seemed like the appropriate destination for fact finding and to compile this summary of the Infrastructure Bill.

LED technology, talked about for years, has become a dominant force in the world’s lighting market, totaling 57 billion dollars annually worldwide. In the last year alone, there have been over 10,000 bid and RFP requests from US and Canadian public sector entities for ‘Lighting’ items, equipment, solutions, and services.

While there are a plethora of reasons why LEDs are considered by many to be a better alternative to conventional lighting, such as fluorescent lights, the public sector is steadily benefiting from this technology. Today, more government agencies are recognizing the benefits of LEDs and making the switch, creating a wealth of opportunities for vendors and contractors


Maximize BidPrime

Are you maximizing your understanding of what is available with your subscription to BidPrime? 2021 was a year of the release of helpful features, along with important enhancements, and we have plenty more planned for 2022. For our current customers, and an introduction to those new to BidPrime’s services and solutions, here is a glimpse at a couple of the exciting features introduced by BidPrime, in 2021.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, contact your Account Manager, or if you are on a trial, contact your sales representative.

Salesforce Connector enables customers to export key bid details from opportunities posted within BidPrime's User Interface directly to their Salesforce CRM, with one click functionality. The exported fields are highly customizable for each user as designated by the Salesforce Administrator.

DocSearch is the feature that searches deep into BidPrime's collection of active and historical bid specification documents. DocSearch offers clients the ability to perform quick searches of over 50 million indexed documents from bids going back over 7 years.

The robust technology available in DocSearch will help BidPrime’s clients identify even more opportunities, will assist them in finding specific brand names and relevant line items within documents, reduce time wasted scanning long documents through highlighted text search, and provide instant access to public PDF and Doc files.

BidPrime Spotlight

We are proud of what members of our team are involved in, outside of the professionalism, creativity, and passion they bring to their roles at BidPrime. Whether it be philanthropy, music, arts, supporting youth activities, conservation programs, and more, our people are involved in, and engaged with, the community.

Recently, Bill Culhane, our VP of Operations, was recognized by Texas State University for his decades of service to the Texas State athletics program. Culhane was awarded an honorary membership into the prestigious “T” Association athletic alumni.

We strive for excellence in everything we do. Wherever and whenever we do it.

The Big Bid Theory

Changing government purchasing & mankind one edition of #CrazyBids at a time. Special guests discussing special topics. All of that and more. A lot more!

With the infrastructure bill signed on November 15th, there are now $1.2 trillion reasons for you and your business to pay attention to what is next with the legislation. Emily Feenstra, from ASCE, and Stephen Hetzel, from BidPrime, two well connected, industry experts appeared (yes!) in our very first video version of the show. Here, in the final episode of Season 7, our creative engineers share the audio from the conversations.

Emily, Managing Director, Government Relations and Infrastructure Initiatives, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), shares her front row observations and opinions on: 1. More notable takeaways from the bill, 2. Needs for consulting, planning, and management as agencies prepare to launch projects, 3. Why it was important for this bill to pass now, 4. The process for the opportunities to flow down to businesses, contractors, vendors, 5. Which aspects of the bill will be managed by the federal government versus state and local entities taking the lead, 6. Overview of timeframes for project rollouts.

Next, we learn from Stephen Hetzel, BidPrime’s COO and co-Founder. Hetzel elaborates on: 1. The impact this bill will have on contractors and businesses, 2. The role asset management will have in this bill, 3. What exactly do contractors and vendors need to know about identifying the resulting opportunities, 4. Specifically, how does BidPrime continue to lead the bid services industry in helping businesses identify and win contracts.

Rick Jennings thinks the final Crazy Bids of Season 7 is crazy. We will let you decide.

All of that and more. A lot more!

Have you noticed how drone technology has experienced substantial growth over recent years? Both the public and private sectors are leveraging the various applications for the technology and adoption continues to rise across the board.

In this episode, Paul Huish, the CEO from DroneHive, describes how drones are being used on environmental, climate, and construction projects. In addition, Huish makes note of security applications and provides an overview on how the recently signed bipartisan infrastructure bill will surely result in even busier days ahead for the drone industry.

In Crazy Bids, Rick Jennings shares a bid on a work situation many have, and are, experiencing over the past couple of years. The origin of the request will possibly surprise you.

All of that and more. A lot more!

How do 5,217 public and 14,702 private airports in the United States happen? (data from Statista) There is much involved in building, managing and maintaining an airport and U.S. state, local, and federal agencies are actively involved in getting the work done. Tapping into his decades of experience, Mike Dikun (bio below), from Armstrong Consultants, visited the show to explain the importance of NPIAS, the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems, AIP, the FAA’s Airport Improvement Program, covers how urban air mobility fits into the future of air transport, and much more.

Rick Jennings doesn’t horse around on this version of Crazy Bids. Well, actually...

All of that and more. A lot more!

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