Robotics in Governments to Grow in 2019 and Beyond

After a busy 2018 for the robotics industry, how will involvement and investment by the public sectors in the U.S. and Canada further stimulate growth and who should concern themselves about it?

The robotics industry has seen a dramatic rise across all sectors, to include business from government agencies. Just three short years ago, in 2016, there were 148 bids / RFPs, with “robot” in the solicitation title, submitted by public sector agencies in the U.S. and Canada. Back in 2018, there were 426 such requests. Based on our analysis, and feedback from industry movers and shakers, there isn’t any reason to conclude things are going to slow down.

As we suggested in our Feb 23rd, 2017 report, ‘Government, Robot’, and it holds true even more so today, governments are looking for ways to, “…save money, for safety and security, and to perform jobs more suitable for machine than man, governments will continue to invest in robotics."

The call for leveraging technology has reached all levels of governments. Just this week, as reported in CNET, “President Donald Trump on Monday directed federal agencies to improve the nation’s artificial intelligence abilities — and help people whose jobs are displaced by the automation it enables.” AI <> robotics.

Complete article: Trump creates American AI Initiative to boost research, train displaced workers

In whichever directions U.S. and Canadian agencies move to make use of the advantages provided by technologies, such as, AI and robotics, it’s important to have a grasp of some of the possibilities.

Nat Dukan, from RobotLAB, is known worldwide as an authority on, and educator within, the robotics industry. Dukan made a guest appearance on ‘The Big Bid Theory’ podcast and covered the importance of integrating technologies, to include robotics. Going forward, remember that word: integration.

Listen: Nat Dukan Looks Ahead to Future of Robotics

For the entire episode, to include Dukan’s opinions on the importance for everyone, regardless of demographic, to have an understanding of robotics, integration, and the future of the industry, go here.

What exactly are some ways robotics can assist governments in carrying out their responsibilities? Leaders in the U.S. and Canada can look across the pond for some ideas. If you’ve been keeping tabs on things, it’s likely you’ve come across the following. Less than a year ago, John Manzoni, Chief Exec of the UK’s Civil Service and Permanent Secretary for the Cabinet Office, delivered a speech to the Institute of Government. In part, it included:

“HMRC is trailblazing the adoption of artificial intelligence and robotics for mass-repetitive tasks, and we’ve recently established a Centre of Excellence to accelerate the adoption of this technology across government. And we’re mining the potential in data and prospecting in emerging areas like geospatial data to unlock value across the economy."

All these are in motion, and over the last 2 or 3 years have contributed material savings and efficiency to government.

I could go on – but the point is that significant change is already being delivered, and our task is to accelerate that change, not only using the imperative of Brexit but our impatience to change and modernise our Civil Service to meet the challenges of today.”

For the entire transcription of the May 1st, 2018 speech, go here.

Why robotics and what’s ahead? Still not convinced on the importance of robotics and the reality that the public sectors in the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere are moving full stream ahead?

Gov2020presented their case for the positives currently being realized from robotics and an interesting and informative breakdown of some actual applications already adopted, with serious advances expected in the coming months.

Report: Robotics technology


What are we seeing on our end? Upon reviewing the BidPrime database, we found a wide variety of bids / RFPs for robotics services and solutions. Among the numerous identified:



Any industry where our analysts report triple the number of bids / RFPs over a 24 month period is going to get our attention. Throw in the hunches by industry and financial experts that the robotics industry will eclipse $100 billion over the next year or so, and it’s safe to concede that Nat Dukan is correct, “We need to be able to adapt, to redefine ourselves constantly.” This includes the public sectors.

To see more about bids / RFPs related to robotics, and to peruse the associated bid documentation, call us at 888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.

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