Parking is Going Tech. Bids Increasing for Technology, Software, and Support

You do it, I do it, we all do it. Who hasn’t driven around Anytown, USA, or Anywhere, Canada, searching for a parking spot? In recent years, public sector entities, to include, municipal, city, county, province, and state governments are leading the charge in upgrading the methods for managing their various parking resources.

As a result of the changing mindset, governments are soliciting vendor assistance for parking information technology and software solutions. Archaic and manual methods are out, technology is in. In the past twelve months alone, there have been 183 relevant RFPs and bid requests submitted. Where have these requests originated? Who is submitting them? Did you known about them?


  • Parking Payment Mobile Application Services
  • Computerized Parking Ticket Management System
  • Parking Database Management Services
  • Integrated Parking Management System
  • Parking Management System (including Hardware, Software)
  • Parking Software System
  • Parking and Revenue Control Systems
  • Parking and Code Violations Computer Application
  • Parking Access and Revenue Control System
  • Mobile Payment of Parking Citywide
  • Parking Enforcement and Management System
  • Parking Revenue Controls System (PRCS) System (AEMLS)
  • Itn Parking Garage Gated Revenue Control System
  • Replace Parking Access and Revenue Control System
  • Mobile Parking Solutions
  • Airport Parking Revenue Control System Consulting Services
  • Parking Permit and Citation Management System
  • Parking Guidance Systems; Parking Access Review Controls
  • Parking Violation-Parking Management Information Svcs System
  • Parking Violation Software
  • Parking Control and Payment Machines
  • Airport Parking Control Project
  • Maintenance of Parking Control Equipment
  • Smart Parking Guidance System
  • Parking System Replacement
  • Pay-by-Phone Cloud-Based Parking Management System
  • Electronic Parking Meters and Associated Equipment
  • Truck Parking Information Delivery System

In their Jun 9th, 2014 article, and as compiled by IHS Automotive, the Los Angeles Times published that in 2014 there were 253 million cars and trucks on the roads in the United States. There are more vehicles now. For 2014, detailed that there were close to 32 million total vehicle registrations throughout Canada.

At some point, these drivers will be looking for a place to park. It is estimated that 96% of the time these 285 million vehicles are parked. In evaluating the statistics and their current situations, governments have learned they need efficient means for accounting, tracking, and managing. More and more applicable businesses have seized the opportunity to grow by doing business with the government.

If by some chance you think we are talking about slim pickings, stand corrected. In their Feb 5th, 2015 article, “5 Mobile Parking Apps to Help Cities Ease Traffic Congestion”, Government Technology projects, “…current market for global parking systems has reached $60 million and is expected to generate $360 million in annual revenue by 2020…”. Although it is winter, you may find it hard to sniffle at $360 million.

The requests being released by public sector entities are numerous and varied in scope: parking management software, mobile payment solutions, paid parking systems, parking database, parking access and revenue control software, permit and citation management systems, and many others.

Available parking space continues to be at a premium. We now see that more and more public sector entities outsource, or partner, to manage or purchase tools for managing their valuable inventory. The following illustrates the potential, along with from where opportunities are originating. Advantage to those vendors ready to act.

Sample Active Bids/RFPs


Visit BidPrime, or call 888.808.5356, to get a free, no obligation review of the current parking technology opportunities. We can also provide you with a market analysis, a 12-month historical perspective, on any industry.

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