Marcia Madsen Recaps Testimony Delivered to Capitol Hill. Jim Ward Delivers on Ethics

BidPrime News Jun 29, 2017

Marcia Madsen, from Mayer Brown, stopped by the show to discuss her testimony on Capitol Hill, from earlier this year. If it involves the U.S. acquisition process, Marcia understands it. A recognized expert and valuable resource on government contracts and litigation, she discusses needed changes, why accountability and transparency are critical to the process, challenges facing the acquisition workforce, and more! You will soon realize, Marcia has been there done that. Your thoughts?

Jim Ward made the long trek to our Austin studios to present this #CrazyBids in person. When it comes to ethics, Jim is serious. Don’t worry. In typical Jim Ward fashion, not too serious!

All of that and more. A lot more!

Click below to listen.

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