What Do U.S. Governments Do to Fuel Up?

Energy and Lighting Jul 07, 2017

Governments aren’t fooling around when it comes to fueling! We checked back in on what governments are doing for oil, gas, diesel, propane and other fuels purchases. As Anna Barnett noted in her Dec ’16 report, ‘ Fueling Governments. Gas, Oil and other Purchases’, governments are constantly soliciting for a variety of fuels. Many companies and firms are taking advantage of this tremendous opportunity in the public sector.

As an update to our update in our Feb ’17 video analysis, we researched our database again and confirmed the relevant bid requests continue to roll in, because governments have to keep rolling along.

Note: This video was shot outside of our Austin offices, a stone’s throw from I35, one of the main transportation corridors in the U.S.

To see what exactly governments are purchasing, and the specifications, call us at 888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.

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