From NIGP Forum ‘23, Co-Founders Discuss a Journey of Growth, Success, New Technology

The Big Bid Theory Aug 28, 2023

On this episode of ‘The Big Bid Theory’ our host, Bill Culhane, recaps an exciting and memorable NIGP Forum 2023 in Louisville. Among the highlights, Bill and guests Stephen Hetzel, CEO, and Josh Schwartzbeck, CTO of Beacon Bid, reminisce about Louisville, Innovation Theater, the Technology track (sponsored by Beacon Bid), RFP Critic's debut, Beacon Bid's popular Hot Raffle party, the excellent education sessions, and more. In summary, Forum had plenty of fellowship, energy and excitement throughout the event.

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Check out as the three describe the palpable buzz around the launch of RFP Critic, Beacon Bid's AI solution that builds on their existing tools like the RFP Archive and RFP Builder by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. Hetzel explained how Critic reviews your draft RFPs to identify unclear requirements, suggest improvements, and point out potential biases, you reserve the option to use or lose the feedback, so you can release rock-solid solicitations to improve your contracting success and outcomes.

As has become a tradition, Beacon hosted a lively Hot Raffle party at Guy Fieri's restaurant, where the Beacon Bid team including Hetzel and Schwartzbeck welcomed and hosted their special guests.

Culhane recalls moderating the widely popular Technology track education sessions. He also stopped by Beacon Bid's well-attended ‘Sip and See’ to see demos of the new RFP Builder and Critic and see a product roadmap workgroup in progress.

Hetzel and Schwartzbeck shared Beacon Bid's growth over the past year. The two founders reflect on the overwhelmingly positive response to their AI-powered products that leverage the technology to streamline procurement and share plans for enhancing these solutions and Beacon Bid overall. They credit the strong NIGP community for supporting Beacon Bid's rapid growth.

Looking ahead, the host and guests share their enthusiasm for more innovations to come from Beacon Bid. With the continued support of the NIGP community, they are excited to continue disrupting and improving procurement. Culhane closes by passing the baton to Rick Jennings, our producer, for another engaging edition of Crazy Bids.

In Crazy Bids, Rick wraps up this installment of TBBT with a Crazy Bid that will have you barking and meowing… but not too loudly.

All of that and more. A lot more!

Visit for more on Beacon Bid and these ABC’s of procurement. Go to your favorite podcast platform for the full, audio version of the episode.

RFP Archive

RFP Builder press release

For more information go to BidPrime or visit Beacon.

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