COVID Pandemic Lessons Learned and Healthcare Staffing Crisis

The Big Bid Theory Jun 07, 2022

Season 8 is off and running and who better to bring on than Dr. Rodney Rohde! Our resident US public health expert helps cover a myriad of topics. Dr. Rohde and our host, Bill Culhane, discuss what has been learned about the US healthcare system, since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. They also review the importance and rise in focus on hygiene, impact of the pandemic on staffing in healthcare, and Dr. Rohde updates us on the lab professionals calendar.

In the first version of Crazy Bids for this season, Rick Jennings discloses a fear and a bid that will have you, uh, chomping at the bit.

All of that and more. A lot more!

Click below to listen.

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Our guest: Dr. Rodney Rohde

Twitter: @RodneyRohde

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