BidPrime Quarterly, Edition: 14, 2019 - Q3

BidPrime News Sep 30, 2019

What's New from BidPrime

More on the New Market Analysis, the tool you can use to research and leverage BidPrime's library of a decade+ of government bid data. In this webinar, Stephen and Anna share how you can query, analyze, and make business decisions, based on reporting from BidPrime's trove of historical competitive government bid / RFP data. Call us, at 888.808.5356, to check out the webinar.


We're Spending $11B on Education Technology: How Do We Know If It's Working?
With education technology on the rise and some K-12 districts spending hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on tech, the need to evaluate these solutions only intensifies.

Compared: 3 Best Online Legal Services for Small Businesses that Can't Afford a Lawyer
Most small businesses can’t afford to pay an attorney to step in every time a legal issue pops up. There are options.

Eliminating Cyber Threats in 2020: Why Enterprises Need to Rethink Cybersecurity
Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered solutions are a cost-effective way to deal with threats that reside on mobile devices, web servers, etc and proliferate from a number of sources.

Denver Police to Test New Gunshot Detection System
Police plan to conduct the tests this week from 6 p.m. to midnight by firing a series of gunshots into a bullet trap, according to Denver police. Officials say there will be no danger to the public.

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
Are you and your business prepared for a disaster? Visit to learn the steps to prepare for and deal with natural disasters and national emergencies.

Free Trials: An Efficient, Profitable Way To Generate Sales
Following the launch of a business, product or service, you need customers to begin pushing and shoving their way in through your door.

Technology Helps Maine Cities Integrate Recycling Program
Since the 1970s, recycling has attempted to tackle the ever-increasing piles of trash in landfills by turning waste into new materials.

Infrastructure Funding Policy Looms Over Congressional Fall Schedule
A recent report detailing the country’s congestion woes prompted the top transportation lawmaker in the U.S. House of Representatives to again urge colleagues to legislate on comprehensive infrastructure policy when they return to Washington after a five-week summer break.

Industry Analysis

Elections officials across the U.S. are gearing up for 2020, planning or already making significant investments in voting booths, ballot technologies, security systems, and more to ensure the integrity of the franchise. Full report.

For specifics on winning government business, Click below for Why and How?

Protecting the environment is a major concern these days of government bodies throughout the U.S. and Canada (true also in a great many other countries). As a result, agencies far and wide are investing in services, solutions, and equipment related to good stewardship of their piece of the planet. Full report.

Maximize BidPrime

Personalized Client Support – The BidPrime Way

Meet the BidPrime Client Support team! Here at BidPrime, helping our clients succeed is something in which we focus a lot of time, resources, and effort.

Obviously, you need and expect more than merely a bid service. Along with assisting you in identifying and winning public sector business, personalized client support is one of our top priorities.

We're here to make the government bid process easier for you. For more, call 888.808.5356.

BidPrime Spotlight

We often joke around the office that we could assemble an impressive, award winning band, just from members of our BidPrime team. Along with being a topshelf musician, David Hibbetts hits all the notes as a leader in our company. He works hard, cares passionately about our clients, and always strives to grow our company. And there is a lot more to him than what’s behind the kit.

More about David 

The Big Bid Theory

Sing your Heart out!

Changing government purchasing & mankind one edition of #CrazyBids at a time. Special guests discussing special topics. All of that and more. A lot more!

What goes on in the Information Technology universe of a major metro in the United States? Our guest, Mr. Gary Brantley, serves as Atlanta's CIO and serves many. Upon his arrival at his new post, Gary was challenged with leading Atlanta’s recovery from the ‘18 ransomware attack. Is your company, organization or department 100% protected and immune to the ransomware threat? In short, “No!” Gary covers the ransomware attack, disaster recovery, business continuity. As he notes, “Don’t look at the playbook on day one.”

Brantley emphasizes the need to build, test, and practice your tools for detection, isolation, and recovery. That’s right, practice and simulate these events happening.

Mr. Brantley also shares a number of ways the city of Atlanta is using the power of technology to offer services and solutions to their citizens. The list includes cloud technology.

With so much already going on in the booming city of Atlanta, Gary details his priorities for the ATL.

rodney rohde public health expert

Does your health literacy need a boost? Are you pro or con on vaccinations and are you doing your part to reduce the spread of disease and infections? Dr. Rodney Rohde, the Program Chair for the Clinical Lab Science Program at Texas State University, Professor in the College of Health Professions, and Associate Dean for Research for the College of Health Professions returned to share his opinions on:

  • Truth about vaccinations.
  • How you take part in infection prevention.
  • Victories/challenges for Clinical Lab industry.
  • Shares how he has leveraged social media to tell the story of the Clinical Lab world.

In this Crazy Bids segment, Bill Culhane notes how smallpox has been eradicated, right?, but it hasn’t stopped one agency from being proactive.

To discuss opportunity in your industry, or to review the bids and bid documents, visit BidPrime or call 888.808.5356.

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