Developing a Business Continuity Plan after Disaster Strikes is Too Late. Public Sector Agrees.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

On the day that Mr. Franklin first uttered those words, of course the world was a much different place. Despite that, his words still ring true. A myriad of incidents over the past couple of decades have demonstrated how important it is to be prepared in the event of disaster. Small, medium, or large, you and your organization need a plan to ensure business continuity.

One definition of business continuity: The strategy for implementing the processes and procedures that a business or organization demands to maintain operations during and after some form of disaster.

It doesn’t take a heinous event, or sequence of circumstances, to disrupt operations or to worst case, destroy a business. In many ways, the public sector is in the business of dealing with, and helping others handle disasters. Governments are also diligently ensuring that they have the processes and infrastructure established to provide continuity of business. Like your customers, citizens would accept nothing less.

Close to home, one of the initial tasks we completed was a well thought out, detailed plan considering every possible contingency. We regularly review and update the plan as needed. Also, for our part, on numerous occasions we have reported on what governments have purchased and done in preparation for the next inevitable catastrophic event. For a sample, see the following from our blog library.

We will tap the brakes, since there is a strong likelihood that you understand the importance of business continuity. Below we demonstrate how those throughout the public sector are purchasing and implementing their own solutions.

For more information on business continuity-related business opportunities, and to review the bid documents, contact us at 1.888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.

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