Biometrics. What are Bids on Behavioral and Physical Characteristics?

Across the United States, government agencies are investing in biometrics. For three examples, the public sector is submitting bid requests and purchasing equipment, solutions, and services in support of access control, airport security, and education. Of course, those are only three of the many uses for biometrics technology.

Check out the following infographic for a review of the recent bid and purchase activity. How many bids, from where are they originating, breakdown by category, examples of actual bid requests, and more. Make note of the significant number of bids submitted already in 2016. It’s all right here. Enjoy!

Biometrics Bid Requests / RFPs

As mentioned in the infographic, to see the bids and bid documents, call us at 888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.

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