How are Bike Sharing Programs Changing the Transportation Landscape?

You like statistics and data? You’re in luck! Tim and Juan have some interesting facts and figures.

With our Kevin Henderson, Digital Marketing Director, leading the way, the guys touched upon, “How do governments, even law enforcement, benefit from bike sharing?”, “What does the future look like for bike sharing?”, “What are some challenges in implementing a bike share program?”, and much more.

Next time you’re in a U.S. city, take a look around. How are people moving from place to place? In more and more U.S. cities, 50+ and counting, local governments are turning to bike sharing as an alternative mode of transportation for tourists and residents alike.

Our home, Austin, is included on the list. Tim Willingham and Juan Agudelo, from Austin B-cycle, visited our studio to cover a wide range of bike sharing topics.

Highlights from Tim and Juan:

  • Cities like Denver, New York and Chicago are using bike share to address transportation issues.
  • Bike sharing is perfect for that “last mile connection”.
  • Bike sharing improves your mobility, but is good for your health, the economy, and environment.

You can follow Austin B-cycle on twitter: @AustinBcycle.

For information on requests and solicitations related to bike sharing programs, please call us at 888.808.5356, or stop by our website: BidPrime.

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