Atlanta's CIO Takes Us Inside Major Metro Information Technology

Information Technology Aug 30, 2019

What goes on in the Information Technology universe of a major metro in the United States? Our guest, Mr. Gary Brantley, serves as Atlanta’s CIO and serves many. Upon his arrival at his new post, Gary was challenged with leading Atlanta’s recovery from the ‘18 ransomware attack. Is your company, organization or department 100% protected and immune to the ransomware threat? In short, “No!” Gary covers the ransomware attack, disaster recovery, business continuity. As he notes, “Don’t look at the playbook on day one.”

Brantley emphasizes the need to build, test, and practice your tools for detection, isolation, and recovery. That’s right, practice and simulate these events happening.

Mr. Brantley also shares a number of ways the city of Atlanta is using the power of technology to offer services and solutions to their citizens. The list includes cloud technology.

With so much already going on in the booming city of Atlanta, Gary details his priorities for the ATL.

All of that and more, much more!

Click below to listen.

Our Guest

Gary Brantley’s twitter: @trendycio

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