Why Is Smart City Smart and an Opportunity for You?

BidPrime News Oct 20, 2020

Across the United States, there are many ‘smart city’ projects already completed with a multitude ahead in the multi $billion industry. Elaina Farnsworth, CEO, The NEXT Education, an expert on all things transportation, visited the show to share her insights on what’s happening in the exciting worlds of smart city tech, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and a myriad of other related topics. Looking for opportunity? Elaina explains why, “making sure that the best technologies are married with the best people” makes sense. Hear how that happens.

Rick Jennings closes down the episode with a Crazy Bids that will have Californians shouting, “We’re number one, we’re number one!”

All of that and more. A lot more!

Click below to listen.

Our Guest:

Elaina Farnsworth, CEO, The NEXT Education

On Twitter: @ElainaFarnswort, @The_NEXT_Ed


The NEXT Education

NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology

NIST Vehicle Teleoperation Forum

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