What is the Beacon Buzz at NIGP Forum?

The Big Bid Theory Aug 22, 2022

Beacon Bid is here! What is the latest in e-procurement that will help both agencies and business? Live from Boston - NIGP Forum 2022, Bill Culhane sits down with Stephen Hetzel and Josh Schwartzbeck, co-founders of Beacon. They share the story behind Beacon, including how Beacon transforms common obstacles and challenges with simple and efficient solutions to solve everyday challenges. From Solicitation Broadcaster, to RFP Archive, E-Bid, and more, agencies can take advantage of an easier, better solution. For bidders, they will now have increased access, improved success, and a more positive experience in working with the public sector.

As they did with BidPrime, Hetzel and Schwartzbeck are the architects behind the engineering of this excellent product, along with responsive, personalized service. Hear what they have to say.

Rick Jennings shares stories of penguins and Crazy Bids. What could be better?

All of that and more. A lot more!

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For more information about Beacon, visit 'Beacon', or call Beacon at 888.402.2231.

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