What is Our Why?

BidPrime News Aug 24, 2017

Do you ever find yourself pondering the question, or get asked, “What is our why?” We all understand there are a variety of personal and practical reasons for doing what we each do to make a living. I’m confident many of those reasons apply to each one of us.

Of course, and to varying degrees, we each have to consider family, financial needs, self-esteem, pursuing interests, etc… However, once you walk through the door at work, or step into your home office, open up the laptop, grab the tool box, do the presentation, or whatever is your chosen profession, why are you doing what it is you do?

Today, at BidPrime, we have a special reason for reflecting upon that question. Tomorrow, we celebrate the eighth anniversary of our company. To this point, it has been a rewarding, interesting, and educational journey. Step back in time, as a few members of our team talk about the early days of BidPrime.

While proud of this milestone, we understand, and are thrilled in acknowledging, that we have much more to accomplish. To a person at BidPrime, we are indebted to, and appreciative of, our clients for their confidence in us. From a company perspective, our clients are our “why”.

Over the past week, I sat down with a number of the people who make up our team at BidPrime. I posed the question to each of them. “What is your why?” Here are a handful of the responses:


I’ve always been fascinated with human behavior and love interacting with people. I enjoy being of service to others; getting to know them, their wants and needs. Problem solving is like a game to me. Being able to connect with my clients, identifying their needs, match it with a solution, and be of service in the process, now thats a good day for me!

David H

The most rewarding thing to me about what I do is helping clients solve problems and realize their goals. BidPrime holds massive potential to increase business efficiency and drive revenue growth. I pride myself on helping customers make the right decision about BidPrime and teaching them how to use our service to the fullest.


I love my job at BidPrime, because it enables me to interact with and help thousands of people over the years, who are typically in a role that is in great need of what BidPrime is providing.

I have never dealt with a Sales Representative or Contract Administrator who did not love what this robust system can do! Nobody else offers a more comprehensive coverage, complete with Bid Documentation and high touch Client Care, it’s just not out there.

And the pricing is very reasonable, I am told repeatedly that people are asked to pay more and receive much less from other services. BidPrime allows me to customize pricing, based on each particular Company’s needs. Everything at BidPrime can be customized, which makes people very happy, because everyone is unique!

If I can get this in front of people who use it, there is no question that they will want to keep it. That makes my job not only fun, and interesting, but also rewarding. People are so happy with our service and appreciative that I followed up with them.

BidPrime makes the day to day life of anyone in Government Contracting better! I hear this over and over from hundreds of people I have sold to. It saves them time and money, and reduces their stress. It makes me feel like I have really been able to help them!


When we first launched BidPrime I saw a huge opportunity to improve and empower other businesses through our platform. It’s something I take very seriously with regard to several core components of our service from Day One: comprehensive coverage and real-time delivery of those bids.

Every day, I find that providing our clients bid and contract data they really need to thrive and succeed extremely validating. Also, I feel a great responsibility to provide the best possible service for our clients, given the relationships I’ve built over the years and my attachment to BidPrime.

Above all, my favorite part of the day is hearing first hand from our clients of their growth and success in the public sector. That feedback fuels my motivation more than anything.


BidPrime is my why as it’s a necessary tool needed for anyone that pursues public sector bidding opportunities.

Our technology supersedes the competition, our co-founders are some of the savviest and most intelligent techies I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Who doesn’t love pushing a product into an old school stale market of old technology in order to lead by example and shake up the old competition?

I love the battlefield of government bids.


I love talking to clients across North America and setting FREE trials so they can see for themselves why BidPrime is the best Bid Database Service to locate and WIN Public Sector business!

My previous experience in submitting Bids and RFP’s gives me the insight to understand the issues they are dealing with and explain why BidPrime tools and service can simplify this process.

David J

I would say my favorite part of BidPrime sales is finally reaching a client whom was not interested in looking at us and hearing them say, "WOW! This is great! Thanks for the continued follow up as this is going to be a game changer for us."


I have the best of two worlds. I assist in ensuring our clients receive the very best client support possible. Without question, the highlight of my day is each time I hear about clients winning government contracts. I know that can be a difference maker for them and I feel like I had a small part in helping to make that happen.

In my other role, I put on my creative hat and help in Marketing. It is so fun to help tell the stories about my BidPrime friends and the company. I confess I also look forward to helping Jim and Bill produce ‘The Big Bid Theory”. Each episode is “interesting”. 🙂

Now, it’s your turn. What is your why?

Thank you for learning more about our team. To find out details about BidPrime, please call us at 888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.

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