BidPrime Support / Services re COVID-19

BidPrime News Mar 16, 2020

Our hearts go out to all who have or will possibly be impacted by the COVID-19 virus. In addition, we have tremendous appreciation for the many people in healthcare, science, and government agencies working to deal with the pandemic. Our company is committed to doing our part to support and comply with health and safety guidance and recommendations being communicated by the CDC, WHO, along with other reputable sources.

At the same time, we view our ultimate mission of total coverage of State and Municipal bid/RFP opportunities with critical importance -- as many of these opportunities are being released by states and municipalities, specifically to deal with their responses to COVID-19.

We know and understand that many people and businesses are experiencing uncertainty. BidPrime is committed to delivering on our promise to you and your business. We have already engaged our business continuity plan and assure you that there is no impact on our services and support.

From our inception in 2009, our company was structured to allow employees to work from anywhere, anytime to keep your businesses moving forward - even in the event of a crisis.

As a result of our robust technology, scalable systems, and dedicated employees, we are able to continue providing these core services without interruption or delay.

  • Released Bids / RFPs will continue to be identified and tracked.
  • Quick Quotes will be covered and captured with our real-time bid alerts.
  • Notifications, alerts, updates will go out on our normal schedule.
  • Bid / RFP documents will be delivered as per our normal services.
  • Quick Quotes (bids with short term expiration dates) that are related to emergency responses will be prioritized for document delivery.
  • Our full range of technology and customer support services are available to you.

Security continues to be our priority. Our entire team worked remotely and at home in our company's infancy. Our engineering team long ago supported and planned for the possibility of having an increased number of staff working remotely. BidPrime has reiterated cybersecurity safeguards to provide our personnel with appropriate access, multi-tiered security protections, while ensuring the security of our clients, vendors, etc...

As we continue to closely monitor the situation, we will provide updates where appropriate.

We hope that you, your family, friends, and staff are healthy and safe. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about your BidPrime service, do not hesitate to contact your account manager or visit


Stephen Hetzel
Co-Founder / COO, BidPrime

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