How Will Principles of Trump Infrastructure Plan Impact US Business?

“We will build gleaming new roads, bridges, highways, railways, and waterways all across our land. And we will do it with American heart, and American hands, and American grit.”  – President Donald J. Trump

As part of our ongoing series on the Trump infrastructure plan, Stephen Hetzel, BidPrime’s COO, and Bill Culhane, our VP of Marketing, returned to the BidPrime studios. As a follow up to Trump’s words during the State of the Union address, the White House released ‘Building a Stronger America: President Donald J. Trump’s American Infrastructure Initiative’.

Towards making good on campaign promises made by Trump, and most other nominees, the Trump Plan includes many words, but not very many specifics. As with any policy this enormous in scope, there are many involved to review, negotiate, and approve. The list includes:  Governors, mayors, Federal agencies, State and local agencies, Members of Congress, industry, and the American people. Of course, U.S. businesses, from across the country, will be called upon to deliver on the bid requests / RFPs derived from the final approvals.

While President Trump presented six principles within his initiative, Stephen and Bill focused primarily on three of them:

  • STIMULATE INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT: President Trump’s plan will lead to at least $1.5 trillion in investments to rebuild our failing infrastructure and develop innovative projects.
  • INVEST IN RURAL AMERICA: Rural America’s infrastructure has been left behind for too long, and President Trump’s plan will make sure it is supported and modernized.
  • INCREASE STATE AND LOCAL AUTHORITY: President Trump’s proposal will return decision-making authority to State and local governments, which know the needs of their communities.

Along with opinions on much of what is contained in the initiative, Stephen noted his particular interest in what comes from the rural block grant program, the impact of shifting authority from the federal level to the myriad of state and local levels will have on availability of bid requests via FedBizOpps, and the interesting Transformative Projects Plan.

Stay tuned as we continue to research, monitor, and report on the impact this initiative will have on the U.S. and businesses which provide services and solutions related to infrastructure.

For more information on infrastructure-related projects and bid requests / RFPs, to include the actual bid documents, please call us at 888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.

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