Security Guard Services: U.S. Federal, State, and Local Agencies Leveraging Outsourcing Agreements to Protect and Secure

The impending allocation of federal COVID relief package funds and Joe Biden's recently released 'American Rescue Plan' will include resources targeted towards security and safety at the state and local levels. The agencies that benefit from the investment of new capital are already prepared to spend it.

Similar to many U.S. industries throughout 2020, those who provide Security Guard services and solutions experienced changes in procedures, requirements and expectations. As recent events have shown, and those in the public sector have been paying attention, the demand for effective, skilled security guard services is on the rise and that has not changed from recent years.

Indeed, 2020 was not the year of the status quo for those in the security guard services ranks. As Drew Levin wrote about in Security Magazine, the industry saw many changes in the services that were requested, “New pandemic-spurred training programs for security personnel”.

When it comes to security, the public sector cannot go it alone. Today, that is more true than ever. As a result, and not isolated to security-related matters, government agencies are outsourcing.

Based on security services industry reports and government purchasing data we have analyzed, we anticipate there could very likely be surge in spending and corresponding bid / RFP activity.

The requests will not be isolated to manpower, although the requests for “boots on the ground” have recently risen. Federal, state, and local agencies are soliciting solutions and items related to surveillance technology, access control, alarm systems, drones, ballistic helmets, vests and accessories, riot control gear, and more.

Similar to those in the private sector, agencies are seeking businesses, reliable providers, who can address specific needs involving allocation of people resources. Among them are uniformed guards, mobile security, manpower for personnel/asset/equipment protection, special event staffing, alarm monitoring, fire watch services, are among the solicitations we are seeing in our vast database or government purchasing intelligence.

Analysis of bid / RFP activity reveals that 2020’Q1 had the highest quarterly total number of relevant solicitations over the past three years. With the upcoming infusion of funds prepared to be directed at state and local governments, it is simple to foresee plentiful contracts into 2021’Q1.

The following supports the stance that, since 2018’Q1, there has been a consistent pattern of U.S. public sector purchasing activity targets towards the security guard services industry. Here is a snippet from a Market Analysis, which discloses, not surprisingly, that a majority of the interest has originated at the state and local levels. Note: To request your own custom Market Analysis, contact us at the below.

The following are examples of current, active bids, by specific keyword(s) listed.

Sample Active Bids/RFPs



Security Guard

Access Control


To give yourself the best shot at earning these government contracts—especially as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge security guard services businesses, it is as important as ever to identify those opportunities specific to the capabilities of your business—and find out about them as soon as possible. The savviest and most successful of government vendors understand that time matters!

Contact us to see the available opportunities specific to your security business, sign up for a Free Trial or contact us. Our analysts, client-support staff, and researchers are here to help you succeed. If you have questions, please visit us at BidPrime or call 888.808.5356.

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