Bid Requests for Security, Emergency Response, and Loss Prevention

How safe is too safe? In the United States, people spend billions of dollars per year on home security.

As a matter of fact, MarketsandMarkets projects that Americans will spend close to $35 billion on home security systems by 2017. Meanwhile, Gartner Inc., a technology research leader, reported back in September that, “Worldwide spending on information security will reach $75.4 billion in 2015, an increase of 4.7 percent over 2014…”

So, that about covers the investment in home and I.T. security. What about security at your place of business? Are physical security, patrols, security guards, loss prevention, surveillance, and access control a part of protecting the people and assets at your company?

We’re interested. Why did, or didn’t, you make an investment in security services and solutions?

Because of our line of work, in this analysis, we focused exclusively on U.S. security-related bid requests from federal, state, local, and education entities. We even broadened our research to include governments in Canada.

With governments requesting everything from holodecks, to meth lab equipment, to cigarettes, I’m not easily surprised by what comes out of government procurement. However, the number of security-type bid requests was astounding. As you will soon see in the below infographic, there were 3,721 topical bid requests from April 2015 through March 2016.

A robust 1,046 of those requests, over 28%, were initiated by state and local governments within the borders of the following U.S. states. Note: You can do the math – we certainly aren’t suggesting that your security business should overlook the other states.

The U.S. states submitting the most requests:

  • California: 373
  • Florida: 221
  • Texas: 189
  • New York: 171
  • Virginia: 92

You want more data? See the following infographic for additional historical information on the bid requests…

Security, Emergency Response, Loss Prevention, …

Have you had enough on the history of security bid requests? If you provide security-related services, solutions, and equipment look at the below actual, current bid requests. To also review the associated bid documents, simply contact us.

Sample Active Bids/RFPs

Security, Emergency Response, and Loss Prevention

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