Salesforce Connector to Help Manage Your Opportunities

BidPrime News Feb 25, 2022

Salesforce Connector

Salesforce Connector allows you to export BidPrime’s comprehensive bid coverage into your Salesforce CRM. Clients, who upgrade to BidPrime’s Premium Data Service plans, have the ability to connect and integrate bids with Salesforce.

Click below to learn about Salesforce Connector.

You will be able to quickly export bids from BidPrime to Salesforce. All in one quick click, within your BidPrime Inbox or Search results.

When connecting your BidPrime account to Salesforce, you have the ability to easily export one bid, or a list of many bids, to your Salesforce CRM.

You will have visibility of export actions by other account users. Eliminate duplicate work and inefficiency and easily view when BidPrime bids are exported to Salesforce by any other users within your account.

You can choose to export to Salesforce Leads or Opportunities. In your BidPrime Salesforce Connector settings, choose either Leads or Opportunities from the dropdown as the default export function for you or other users.

You will have Custom BidPrime + Salesforce field mapping. There are default Salesforce field mappings already preselected for you. The mappings are completely customizeaable for each user as designated by your Salesforce Admin. Simply ensure BidPrime’s fields match directly to your organization’s Salesforce fields by renaming specific fields used by your organization or inputting fixed field values to be exported with each bid.

For more information, or a demo on Salesforce Connector, call us at 888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.

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