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BidPrime News Aug 22, 2017

Our engineers and client support team have partnered with our clients to expand upon the robust solutions we offer businesses pursuing public sector contracts.

RFP Insights is here!

RFP Insights will assist businesses in gaining an understanding on why they may have lost on a public sector RFP, why a competitor won, and obtain other important insights, before submitting future proposals.

We have a team of public information legal professionals who will research, compile, and provide competitive intelligence on active and expired bids and RFPs.

Each request will contain any of the following, for a small fee:

  • Existing contract with the current statement of work.
  • Copy of winning proposal.
  • Agency evaluations, tabulations, scoring sheets and matrices.
  • Last 1-year invoices / purchase orders / task orders attached to the contract.

As part of the information above, BidPrime’s public information legal professionals will complete the following, within strict ethical standards:

  • Identify appropriate agency contacts;
  • File FOIA / Public Information petitions using relative and appropriate state guidelines;
  • Assure anonymity and confidentiality with each request;
  • Complete request with coordination from Client;
  • Delivery of related documents in timely manner, in electronic PDF format.

We will cover the first $200 of any agency processing and copying fees requested by the agency, included in the cost of BidPrime’s RFP Insights package. Some additional fees may be required for agencies that require more than $200 for appropriate redaction and processing fees.

Active BidPrime clients will be able to use the RFP Insights service at a significant discount.

Let us know what you think about RFP Insights. To discuss how this service can help you win government contracts, please call us at 888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.

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