Retraction and Clarification of 'Double Dipping' Article

BidPrime News Mar 31, 2014

We have been contacted by a representative of SourceSuite and Mediagrif, headquartered in Longueil, Québec, which owns and operates the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System, The  Michigan MITN System, and other networks under their registered name. This representative took exception to some of the language in the article titled “Double Dipping,” published on March 24, 2014 by Jim Ward, BidPrime’s VP of Business Development.

We have been advised by Mediagrif that Mr. Ward was in error on what he originally presented on the process, background, and difficulty in obtaining bid specifications through their E-Procurement networks, and we have subsequently been advised that there is actually a mechanism to access this information “at no charge.” Therefore, in light of the clarification by Mediagrif, we have removed and retract the article written by Mr. Ward on this blog.

We were advised that visitors and clients may obtain registration “at no charge” for any of Mediagrif’s E-Procurement networks, including the larger networks, the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System, The  Michigan MITN System, the Texas Purchasing Group, the Empire State Bid System, and the New Mexico Purchasing System.

Should there be any issues accessing bid specifications “at no charge,” we are sure these may be resolved through Mediagrif’s customer service.

BidPrime will always stand ready to assist any of our clients in accessing bid specifications which are in the public domain and accessible free of charge.

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