Location, Location, Location of Government Real Estate Contract Opportunities

When it comes to the basic, fundamental needs of humans, shelter is prominent on the inventory. While actively involved in purchasing, selling, and rehabilitating properties on their own behalf, U.S. governments also invest to apportion housing to people throughout the United States. As far as global real estate, the United States continues to be a choice target. Controversial in some circles, the acquisitions aren’t only being transacted by U.S. governments and/or citizens.

Recently, Housely.com reported, “Chinese investors have been pouring billions and billions of dollars into the U.S. real estate market. For example, such investors spent $28.6 billion in 2015, which is a significant rise compared to $11.2 billion in 2010, which is when they began flocking to the United States.” For their full report: The 10 Scariest U.S. Real Estate Statistics Right Now. Obviously, and notably, that is just a single example from one source.

Taller than the Trees

China is certainly not alone. Some are estimating that total foreign investment will actually increase in 2016! Investors with deep pockets elsewhere in Asia, along with Europe, and even Canada have targeted the U.S. for expanding their real estate portfolios.

Speaking of statistics, we assessed the info in our database and determined that U.S. state, local and federal government agencies are also heavily engaged in real estate business. Along with transactions, whereby property rights are transferred, government agencies are also soliciting and procuring related services and solutions. Over the past 365 days, there have been exactly 2,300 such bid requests. Of those requests, 1,925 originated from state and local entities, 375 on the federal side.

Here’s a rundown of the top requests, by specific keyword contained within the solicitation title:

  • “Real Estate”  683
  • “Apartment”   634
  • “Housing”       366

Other notable requests from government entities have been for “Condominium”, “Land development”, “Mortgage”, “Realtor”, “Realty”, “Tenant Improvements”, and “Title company”.

See the following for some breakdown of the bid request data:

Bid Requests by Month:

Bid Requests by U.S. Region:

While there are countries, for example Britain and Australia, which have put restrictions and stipulations on purchase of real estate by foreigners, the U.S. does not have the degree of impediments. Is foreign investment a good thing for the future of the U.S.?

If you are a seller, possibly your opinion is influenced by the financial reality. As you see, while it can be argued that U.S. governments aren’t doing enough to protect national interests related to real estate, many of the same U.S. governments themselves are right at home being involved in the real estate sphere.

Sample Active Bids/RFPs

Real Estate related

For more info on these requests, and the bid specifications via BidSpec Direct, give us a call at 888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.

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