NIGP Forum Preview & Tech Procurement Insights with Three Expert Panelists

The Big Bid Theory Aug 11, 2023

Welcome to another edition of ‘The Big Bid Theory’ podcast! In this episode, host Bill Culhane is joined by a star-studded lineup of guests: Stephanie Akerley is the Corporate Procurement Program Manager for the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Tabatha Freedman is a Senior Procurement Analyst with the County of Volusia, Florida, and Brooke Smith is City Recorder for Murray City, Utah. This trio of experts share an exclusive preview of NIGP Forum 2023 and the technology track sessions to be presented in Louisville!

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Bill mentions Stephen Hetzel and Anna Barnett will be presenting some new, very cool technology at the Innovation Theater on Sunday, 3PM. There will be some cool TBBT swag available at Booth 817 (while supplies last!) Also, all are encouraged to stop by Booth 817 for a special invite to a mimosa brunch event on Tuesday, 1115AM-1215PM. Is there more? Also, go to 817 to ask about another very special event, hosted by Beacon Bid, in L’ville!

The experts share what attendees can expect from Forum. Spoiler alert: prepare yourself for excitement, networking, learning, socializing and engaging with other procurement professionals. New, lifelong friends await you.

These three panelists, along with Bill the Moderator, share overviews of the sessions, touching on topics like challenges when procuring technology, specification tools (to include AI), technology procurement contracts, cybersecurity, staff training, sustainability, and more. They emphasize the interactive Q&A portions and encourage attendees, regardless of in-person or virtual, to come prepared with questions.

Rick Jennings closes down the episode with a Crazy Bids that will have you gliding along, as we glide into NIGP Forum 2023.

All of that and more. A lot more!

Be sure to visit NIGP for more Forum details.


Stephanie Akerley is a seasoned Corporate Procurement Program Manager with over 27 years of experience in public procurement. For the past 14 years, she has excelled in handling all aspects of IT procurement for The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission. Stephanie's love for IT procurement lies in its ever-changing nature, where each transaction brings new insights.

Tabatha Freedman is a Senior Procurement Analyst with the County of Volusia’s Purchasing and Contracts Division and is actively engaged in the Central Florida Chapter of NIGP as President. Tabatha has over 15 years public procurement experience with 11 years specializing in information technology, telecommunications, and communications. Her passion for IT procurement led her to contribute and present as a NIGP FORUM 2023 Technology Track team member.

CFC NIGP Reverse Tradeshow, Nov 8th

Brooke Smith is a dedicated public servant who has served 18 years in local government work. As the City Recorder for Murray City, Utah, she has spent the last 5 years immersed in all things procurement. Brooke's passion for procurement led her to serve in several leadership roles with the Utah Chapter of NIGP, including the chapter's past president. In addition, she currently serves on NIGP's National Finance Council and assists with marketing for Radio NIGP. An early adopter and advocate for AI tools, Brooke has been training colleagues since December 2022 on how to utilize AI to work more efficiently, achieve better outcomes, and communicate more effectively. She firmly believes AI will be a transformative assistant across industries and looks forward to sharing her knowledge with the national audience at this year's NIGP Forum in Louisville.

For more information go to BidPrime or visit Beacon.

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