Lighting a Fire Under the Government for 3 Years!

BidPrime News Nov 29, 2017

That’s right. For three years now, Jim Ward, Bill Culhane, and ‘The Big Bid Theory’ team have been reporting on the latest in governments. While focusing on government purchasing, often times Jim and Bill color outside the lines. Interesting and informative guests, news to know, and Crazy Bids. The podcastverse will never be the same.

Stay tuned for the final episode of 2017. Already 48 thrilling, gripping episodes unleashed, in the words of noted actor Buzz Lightyear, “to infinity and beyond!” Well, maybe.

For certain, faces for radio, here Jim and Bill give a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes in the big show.

For more about TBBT, government purchasing, and Jim’s wardrobe, give us a call at 888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.

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