Hurricane Harvey. Recovery Ahead for Our State.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, there has been massive destruction left in the wake of the powerful storm. Most likely, you have seen some of the images. However, we have also witnessed an amazing outpouring of love, caring and assistance from people helping neighbors and total strangers. Along with an impressive list of companies who have joined us in providing support, there have been uplifting stories of individuals, J.J. Watt, of the Houston Texans, and Houston businessman, Jim McIngvale, among the many.

There are thousands of others who have helped in every way imagineable. As Bill mentions in the video, every member of our company has some connnection to somebody impacted by the storm. The road to recovery will be long for many areas of east, south-central, and the greater Houston areas. With little doubt, help will be needed for a while. The reports and estimates have only just begun to come in. Along with the sad and tragic loss of life and lives upturned, the predictions on cost of the storm range from $150 to $200 billion dollars. If true, Hurricane Harvey will go down as the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history.

Our Bill Culhane sat down with our Co-Founder, and Houston native, Stephen Hetzel, to share their thoughts.

Bill and Stephen on Hurricane Harvey:

In addition, to inform and provide helpful information, Bill, ‘The Big Bid Theory’ team, and a group of very impressive guests, produced a special episode of the podcast. As noted in the descripton of the podcast, “From rescue efforts, on the ground in Houston, to the impressive list of experts, this episode helps to bring you much more on the Hurricane Harvey story.”

Hurricane Harvey. What Now? What Next?

To help:

American Red Cross
Text “HARVEY” to “90999” to automatically donate $10 to the Red Cross.


United Way

Note: There are many other wonderful national and local organizations and groups involved in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. We thank you for supporting them.

For those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, we wish the very best for you. For those who have helped, thank you so much.

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