How are Government Agencies Handling Cybersecurity Problem?

Information Technology Aug 21, 2020

Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise and are being highlighted and discussed everywhere. For good reason. Over the many years of reporting on various industries, no topic has been more prevalent in our research than cybersecurity. It continues.

A year ago, Cybercrime Magazine reported on the investment by U.S. governments on cybersecurity, “The 2019 U.S. President’s budget includes $15 billion for cybersecurity, a $583.4 million (4.1 percent) increase over 2018.” Federal, state, and local agencies, in each and every corner of the country continue to identify and implement solutions and services to battle the ongoing and growing problem.

Multiple analyses, reports, and projections are confirming increased spending on the issue. Of course. We asked one of our tech industry analysts, “In which areas of cybersecurity are you seeing bid/RFP numbers rise?” The matter-of-fact response, “All of the above.”

During these challenging times, government Information Technology experts, security specialists, and those in leadership are having to focus on the entry points for many of the threats. The increase in available devices and access, Internet of Things (IoT), and poor cyber hygiene are three of the factors which have led to an increase in security issues for the public sector. Of course, the same goes for the private sector.

As bad actors continue their assaults, small, medium and large entities are working to fight back to prevent data breaches, DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks, ransomware (see below), malware, phishing, spyware, whaling and the seemingly endless list of other malicious attacks.

For a look at ransomware specifically, here is our report, ‘Ransomware: Should You Pay to Get Back Seized Data? How to Avoid Having to Make That Decision in the First Place’.

Some of the technologies and tools of particular interest to U.S. (and Canadian) government agencies are security audits/assessments, penetration testing, identity management solutions, and managed service provider-type solutions.

The current COVID pandemic has served to magnify many of the issues. Due to the pandemic, Information Technology professionals have had to be proactive and innovative in implementing tactics for helping to protect the remote workforce, to include communications and mobile security.

To help support the efforts in addressing cybersecurity, and to facilitate the review and response by qualified vendors, BidPrime recently developed and released the ‘Cybersecurity Hub’. This Hub allows interested businesses/contractors to rapidly review, target and respond to potential contract opportunities in real-time, while using this trove of accessible information to enhance their capability in earning the contract awards.

Here is a recent press release explaining the ‘Cybersecurity Hub’: 'BidPrime Latest Hub Designed for Companies to Address Governments’ Urgent Cybersecurity Needs'

To review the cybersecurity opportunities and documents, go to the ‘Cybersecurity Hub’, visit BidPrime, or call us at (888) 808-5356.

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