Heroes and Help for the Next Disaster. It’s Coming.

Are you really ready? Really? In this episode, we help you and your business prepare for the next disaster. As seen on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, Ryan Nichols and David Rebollar, two true heroes, share their experiences involved in Hurricane Florence rescue efforts. In addition, they share some important dos and don’ts.

April Wiita, VP of Program Success, from Working Solutions, is no stranger to disaster preparedness. Along with sharing a personal experience, April breaks down a few important considerations for you and your business. As April hammered home, your business must, “Anticipate all things.” Listen to hear more about those “things”.

The Jim Ward ended the show with a Crazy Bids and he describes it best. This edition of Crazy Bids is a “doozy”.

All of that and more. A lot more!

Click below to listen.

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About our guests:

Ryan Nichols & David Rebollar w ‘Rescue the Universe’

As seen on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show‘, as published by Whateverlife.com

April Wiita, from Working Solutions

‘Where Business Continuity Meets Disaster Recovery: Planning for Hurricane Season and Beyond’, by April Wiita

‘5 Things All Businesses Should Know About Disaster Recovery’, by Joyce Rosenberg, in Inc.

For information on public sector bids / RFPs for disaster prep and related, or to find out more about ‘The Big Bid Theory’, please call 888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.

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