Is Healthcare Just a Talking Point for the Election?

If you have followed the U.S. presidential campaign and/or watched the two debates between Donald Trump (R) and Hillary Clinton (D), you have heard a wild array of topics thrown out and discussed. You will be glad to know that we will refrain from inserting any, many editorial comments. As is the case in any election I have witnessed, and not strictly pointing towards elections for U.S. presidents, “healthcare” is always debated, early and often.

The current election cycle has assuredly been no different. As I watched Debate Two, I said to my wife and some friends, “Donald and Hillary are going back and forth on the present condition of U.S. healthcare, I wonder what U.S. governments are doing about healthcare within their direct spheres of influence?” If you want to strike up some emotion in people, mention “healthcare”. Since my wife is a critical care nurse at a large metropolitan hospital, trust me, I hear about healthcare on a daily basis.

With the goal of making this report more manageable, I purposely avoided looking across the broad spectrum of every nuance, every specialty within the universe that is healthcare. Of course, if we drilled down into specific data, for example, “Radiology” or “Lab”, the bid request hits would be enormous. With that said, check out the following infographic to assess the position of bid requests for  “healthcare” and “medical”. Oh, and get the popcorn ready. Debate Three is right around the corner.

Bid requests with “Healthcare” or “Medical” in the title:

Sample Active Bids/RFPs

Healthcare & Medical

For more information on these requests, and the bid specifications, please call 1.888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.

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