Happy New Year! Major Changes in California eProcurement, 2015 BidPrime Updates.

BidPrime News Jan 01, 2016

To All BidPrime Clients,

It has been a big year for us and we thank you for choosing BidPrime for your government bids. Our team hopes 2015 has been a prosperous year for each of you and that 2016 brings more success.

2015 marks another milestone for us at BidPrime. In August, we celebrated our 6th year of business since we launched in August of 2009, with 2015 being our biggest year yet. We optimized our team and our product to work better for a larger number of your needs in getting what you need out of BidPrime. Our main goals are to save you time finding government bids and, most importantly, make you happy.

Here are some other of this year’s major updates that have a positive impact on our service.

Client Services: We have more than doubled the size of our Account Management team in 2015 so that every one of our valued clients has a personal Account Manager and point of contact.

Remember, your Account Manager can assist in maintaining your alert keywords and categories, send you bid specifications that are not easily accessible, or refine your bid results to save you more time in mulling through your regular bid alerts. If you have not already communicated with your Account Manager or our support team, contact us and we will gladly review your account.

Data/Coverage: Since 2009, we have prided our service in providing you most state and local bids within 45 minutes of the time of issue. As more entities shift to electronic publishing, we have developed a dedicated system to locate these new valuable resources. This year is not over, but we have already seen a significant increase of bids in 2015 over the previous year.

This year, we have brought thousands more small/local entities and classified ads online to our database and made these smaller, less published opportunities available to our clients.

Full Access to Bid Specifications: In our last 6 years, we have become the experts on government procurement websites. As a result, we know that many of these websites are not built to be user-friendly. Often times, certain barriers, registrations, or download fees limit your accessibility to government opportunities.

As part of our Client Service enhancements over the year and our belief in government transparency, we deployed a system to provide bid documents to you, at no additional charge. Some of these websites require fees or complicated registrations that prohibit access to viable bidding opportunities. We are able to solve the issue for you and save you time, money, and likely your overall health!

If you have not used this feature yet, please¬†contact us¬†for a brief walkthrough or watch this¬†short “how to” video¬†— our team would be happy to show you! I have heard directly from some clients that we have saved them from $500 to $2000 in their yearly download/access fees.

Now that this feature has been deployed to all of you, this can only maximize the value of your subscription and save you money down the road.

Media/Research: We have dedicated a number of new resources into our research team in 2015. In 2016, this will grow. If you have not seen it yet, check out some of these procurement resources we launched this last year. Alternatively, you can follow our Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date with our weekly reports on industries, bidding tips, and analysis on procurement as a whole.

Research Blog: In 2015, we published close to 50 industry reports, 16 analysis videos and 33 analytic reports. In the coming year, we will increase our industry research efforts. We invite you to submit suggestions for new pieces.

YouTube Channel: Our VP of Marketing, Bill Culhane, hosts our video series on procurement analysis. In addition, we show you some tips and tricks on using BidPrime to the fullest. Subscribe to the BidPrime Channel to keep track of our latest videos.

The Big Bid Theory Podcast: Hosted on iHeart Radio, #TBBT was launched in April 2015 and was a quick and unexpected success. Co-hosts Jim Ward and Bill Culhane address procurement in the news, host a number of experts for procurement tips to help you, and discuss ridiculous and out of this world bids in the #CrazyBids segment. Who said procurement was dry?

'The Big Bid Theory' is available for free on iHeartRadio and iTunes. Season 2 starts soon!

Major Changes in California Procurement: On January 1st, California ceased issuing bids through Bidsync Links. Since 2009, I have heard many of your frustrations first hand about the difficulty bidding in California. We are so excited for this upgrade as it streamlines the procurement process to make it easier to bid for vendors.

BidPrime has these changes covered, making the change seamless for you. We have integrated our notification and bid-matching engine to your accounts. This of course includes¬†access to bid specification documents by email and real-time delivery to your inbox¬†‚ÄĒ a feature not currently offered in the previous system or even in the current iteration¬†of California eProcure.

We also stand ready to help should you have any difficulty submitting bids through the new California eProcure system.

More questions about these changes?

There are a number of other enhancements we made in 2015. Many of them are behind the curtain to ensure BidPrime remains the¬†most cutting edge service in our industry, backed up by personalized support that you can trust. Many of these milestone will significantly improve your daily use of BidPrime and maximize your account’s value by saving you time and money.

We at BidPrime sincerely thank you for your business, wish you the Happiest of New Years, and all the best in growing your business.

Our Best,

Stephen Hetzel
Chief Operations Officer

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