Government Purchasing. 2016 Year in Review & Look Ahead to 2017.

BidPrime News Jan 18, 2017

What will you remember about the year that was, 2016? In your opinion, which are the topics that will dominate the conversations in 2017? Stephen Hetzel, our Operations Officer, and Bill Culhane, from our Marketing Team, sat down to take a glance back and Stephen pulled out his crystal ball to make predictions for 2017.

Spoiler Alerts: Particularly in regards to government purchasing, the guys discuss how much of 2016 was dominated by elections in the U.S., cyberterror, law enforcement and public safety, virtual reality and simulation, and records management and digitization.

As we look ahead to 2017, use of body worn cameras and storage of applicable data, infrastructure-related, legalization of marijuana, cyber and threat detection, drones, and artificial intelligence will be among the hot industries in the coming year.

To discuss the industries we discussed, please call us at 888.808.5356, or visit our website: BidPrime.

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