Businesses No Longer Dig For Relevant Government Bids

BidPrime News Apr 18, 2018

BidPrime makes it easy to refine your government bid search to fit your business’s distinct needs. We provide a level of customization you can’t get anywhere else.

We make it easy to refine your government bid search, so you only receive relevant bids. Other government bid search engines rely primarily on the NIGP code system. This leaves their clients having to sort through many irrelevant bids to find the bids they actually want.

We use keywords, as opposed to codes, to provide you with the most relevant bids. For further customization, you can use the “Advanced Search” feature, which allows you to exclude keywords and avoid any bids that you don’t want to see that typically clutter your search results.

For more information, visit BidPrime, or call us at 888.808.5356.

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