For Governments, Fireworks and Pyrotechnics Are Not Just for July 4th!

Nothing says “American” like baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, Facebook and fireworks. According to the American Pyrotechnics Association, as reported in USA Today yesterday, “Total amount of fireworks used: 285.3 million pounds.” Nobody in the United States buys more fireworks than the Walt Disney Company, but the public sector purchases their fare share as well.

“Fête du Lac” of Annecy in 2017

Whenever we need fireworks for our personal extravaganzas, we head to the local supplier a few days before our big show. Obviously, your local town, city, county, etc., government can’t, and doesn’t, wait to do last minute shopping. On that note, we researched our database and determined that public sector entities submitted 88 purchase requests, from January through April of 2016. Remember, that is just a single four month time period. As to be expected, a vast majority of the bid requests came from Parks & Recreation departments.

States submitting most bids / RFPs for Fireworks/Pyrotechnics

  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • Virginia
  • Ohio
  • Texas

Once upon a time, I remember that fireworks meant 4th of July! Of course, that is far, far from reality today. Here in Texas, our lonestar brethren view any holiday, celebration, or spontaneous thought as a great opportunity for fireworks. Elsewhere in the United States, the same applies. Governments are planning their next fireworks show right now. Be prepared.

To review and discuss bid requests for fireworks and pyrotechnics, for your free market analysis, call us at 888.808.5356 or visit our website: BidPrime.

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