Watt Is Going on in Energy Efficiency?

Energy and Lighting Sep 06, 2018

Energy efficiency continues to appear throughout media, within public policy debate, and conversations in kitchens, across the United States and Canada. In addition, we see numerous governments, from local to federal, making notable investments in related products, services, solutions, and infrastructure. In this episode, we learn there’s much more to energy efficiency than turning off a light.

Elisa Wood, a recognized expert on the topic, has been writing about, reporting on, and discussing the energy industry for decades. Some of her work has been highlighted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Reuters, and elsewhere. In this episode, she sits in front of ‘The Big Bid Theory’ microphone to discuss the importance of energy efficiency, some of the technologies involved, the serious threat of cyber attacks, the future, and a myriad of other important tidbits.

All of that and more. A lot more!

Click below to listen.

Contact our guest:

Twitter: @ElisaWood  @EnergyWriters @MicrogridNews


Facebook: Real Energy Writers or MicrogridKnowledge.com 

Websites: Real Energy Writers or MicrogridKnowledge.com

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