Docs on Demand by BidPrime

BidPrime News Jun 09, 2022

See Docs on Demand. Take a look around BidPrime, meet some of our amazing people in Customer Service, and see how we go about providing the documents and information you and your business need.

You already know that, with your BidPrime subscription, you can request, download, and view documents. Did you know that we fulfill over 1,200 Docs on Demand requests per day?!

In this video. Do you have frustrations with registering and managing passwords for government agency websites? We are constantly engaged with agencies and have already registered with thousands of agencies to expedite delivering the documents to you.

Do you ever struggle with identifying the correct person to contact regarding a bid/RFP? BidPrime provides in-depth assistance with locating contact and other necessary information. In addition, we cover a vast number of Classified ads for agencies that haven't automated sharing their bids. Our competitors don't even bother covering them.

Have you ever been ignored by a procurement officer/agency? With our State Records Request Builder, you can quickly and easily generate FOIAs for other resources.

Docs on Demand was designed to ensure you and your business can get the information you need to qualify, pursue, and win valuable government contracts.

For more information about BidPrime or Docs on Demand, call 888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.

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