Where Does Big Opportunity Equal Big Growth for Data Center Industry?

As a brief prelude to my analysis below, here is an introduction to what inspired me to even consider examining the growth in data centers and complementary subject matter. Over the past couple of years, my colleagues here at BidPrime, have reported on numerous Information Technology-related topics.

Among the subjects we've addressed, have included everything from software, to hardware, to the current hot topic: cyber security. Deciding to take a small step slightly outside of those areas, I focused my research and analysis on what I'm calling "Big I.T.". Extra points for being clever? No, I didn't think so.

Data Servers
Photo by imgix / Unsplash

With my serious hat firmly back atop my head, we have all witnessed substantial growth in Information Technology overall around the globe. I led a research team that considered the significant expansion in data centers and corresponding spaces within information technology, as it relates to purchasing activity within the U.S. and Canadian public sectors.

Of course, growth within the public sector isn't the sole reason for the explosive rise in data centers and comparables. In their recent report, JLL predicts that the data center industry will double in the next five years. Assuredly, state, provincial, local, education, and federal governments will be involved.

While reviewing the following data, not to be confused with data centers, keep in mind that I isolated my research and reporting exclusively on: Cloud Solutions, Colocation, Data Center, Data Hosting, Data Storage, Fiber Network, Information Technology Operations, Network Operations, and Wide Area Network (WAN). Clearly, there exists a myriad of other "keywords" to examine, but that's for another day.

Summary of public sector requests and purchases over past 365 days:

Sample Active Bids/RFPs

Data Center

For more information on the public sector bid request info, along with the associated request documents, contact us at 888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.

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