Set Your Business Apart thru Excellent Customer Service, Raising Arizona in #CrazyBids, and a Reverse Jinx!

We are all fans of receiving excellent customer service when we’re the customer, but is your business providing effective customer service? Peter Holtgreive, from Partners in Business Excellence, shares some suggestions on how to ensure your business provides excellence in customer service. A few friends of the show also weighed in with their suggestions and Peter closes down his segment with a prediction on how customer service will look in the next decade.

In #CrazyBids, the state of Arizona is making it easier for Dads and Moms to pay child support. Check out their idea.

Reverse jinx! Bill and Tony talk about the Cubs and the Cubs win. What curse of the Billy Goat?

All of that and more. A lot more!

Click below to listen.

Peter’s LinkedIn

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