What Does Jim Ward Predict for Crazy Bids in 2018?

BidPrime News Mar 19, 2018

The always entertaining Jim Ward co-hosts the much acclaimed ‘The Big Bid Theory’ podcast and you know it’s almost time for a new season of the show when Jim gets back in front of the camera. You likely also know that Jim is the founding father of the #CrazyBids segment of the show.

In this attention grabbing video, Jim answers that vital question, “What’s in store for Crazy Bids in 2018?” We all have pondered and have our guesses on what’s to come, but isn’t the world best served by hearing from the man himself?

So you’ll be in the know on what’s ahead and can brag and share with your friends and co-workers, watch here:

For information on bids, ‘The Big Bid Theory’, or the Jim Ward, call us at 888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.

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