COVID a Year Later. Virus Expert With Lessons Learned and What's Ahead.

BidPrime News Apr 19, 2021

Hear from an actual expert, whose reputation has made him a sought after authority on many aspects of the global pandemic. A year after his last visit to the show, just as COVID-19 was becoming known in the US, Dr. Rodney Rohde returns to help us launch Season 7.

Dr. Rohde covers a wide range of issues related to the ongoing battle against this coronavirus. From how the virus is evolving, to testing and vaccinations, his opinions on PPE, funding, and how heroes in the Lab are vital to the ongoing efforts, Dr. Rohde covers it all. See below for important and interesting references.

Despite having a long break, Rick Jennings seems really, uh, crabby in this first installment of Crazy Bids for Season 7.

All of that and more. A lot more!

Click below to listen.


Dr. Rodney Rohde bio

More from Dr. Rohde

"Virus Spillover and Emerging Pathogens Pick Up Speed", as found in Contagion Live

On Twitter: @RodneyRohde

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