Why are Real-Time and Bids Important to Sellers of Computers, Servers, & Other I.T. Hardware?

Earth shattering announcement! The information technology hardware sales environment is ultra-competitive. By the number of manufacturers and sellers involved, it appears that it must be lucrative. Does your company/business have competitive advantages on business > public sector sales? How do you beat the other guys in finding out about bid requests?

Should a technology company include technology to identify potential opportunities? That’s right. Needs arise, bid requests and RFPs are published, and purchases are made quickly. As we reported again on April 1st, 2016, timeframes are shrinking and to the agile go the spoils. History, the trends, the reality is that automation, eprocurement and further efficiency are going to further cut the windows…definitely not an April Fools joke.

If your competitors are finding out about requirements before you, how long until you, or the boss asks, “Why are “they” always seemingly a step ahead of us?”

We researched our database and queried for the following assets. This is a snapshot in time. Of course, many of the requests are for multiple units.

Bid Requests, as of 5/12/16, 1605 hrs:

  • Computers – 147
  • Servers – 49
  • Laptops – 17
  • Desktops – 16
  • Workstations – 16
  • Tablets & notebooks – 11

What this means for vendors:

The sooner you get your hands on the requests and associated bid documents the quicker you can work on closing deals. With the quantities purchased by governments, agencies, K-12, higher ed, etc., landing one deal, which your competitors were late to the party on, could change your quarter or year.

Sample Active Bids/RFPs

Computers, Servers, & I.T. Hardware

To discuss the hardware requests, or what we mean by real-time and bid documents, grab a cup of coffee/similar and call us at 888.808.5356 or BidPrime.

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