Classroom Technology in Education Bid Requests

β€œThe whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” – Sydney J. Harris

We all share many things in common, including an obvious stake in the emphasis and investment made in education. Right here at BidPrime, a number of our employees have children attending public schools. In addition, a number of our staff members are attending college or have recently graduated.

Bill Culhane, our Marketing Director, has a son who is a middle school teacher. A lot can be said about what communities do to support their local preschool, K-12, community colleges, universities, etc… On a daily basis, here in client support, I interact with clients who provide across the board solutions, services, and expertise related to education.

With all of the previous serving as a catalyst, I partnered with a couple of teammates, on our Austin-based analyst team, to research, analyze, and report on the investment made on classroom technology by U.S. and Canadian public sector entities. Braedon, Theresa, and I focused our study on the past twelve month time period. Since our software / database is based on keywords and not codes, which are too broad and often lead to a quagmire of “false positives”, we were able to be very specific in our research. We considered the following bid requests:

β†’ Interactive Whiteboards

β†’ Document Cameras

β†’ Multimedia Projectors

β†’ Classroom Audio Visual

β†’ Interactive Displays

β†’ Smartboard Interactive Systems

β†’ Digital Projectors

β†’ 3D Printers, Scanners, Other Technologies

β†’ Technology Lecterns

β†’ Interactive Classroom Technologies

β†’ Student Response Systems

β†’ Mobile Learning

There wereΒ 530Β bid requests for these specific solutions/services.

States with most bid requests:

Federal agencies with most bid requests:

Not to be confused with the states above, from where the most bids originated, here were the most active U.S. state and local entities:

State of New York

State of Washington

Wake County Public School System (NC)

Atlanta Public Schools (GA)

In Canada, there were also a number of requests for classroom technology. The most active Canadian entities were as follows:


Nunavut Territory

Province of Alberta

Province of Manitoba

Sample Active Bids/RFPs

Classroom Technology

We applaud and thank everyone in education. Parents, teachers, staff, and administrators serve a very important role in making our communities better by providing first class education opportunities. Also, we thank people and businesses striving to envision, produce, and deliver the very best support, solutions, expertise, and technology to students everywhere. We can assist you in identifying potential opportunities and it would be our pleasure to help you to help those in education.

To review and discuss these bid requests, or for your free market analysis, call us at 888.808.5356 or visit our website:Β BidPrime.

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