What Did Law Enforcement Leader Say About Use of Body Worn Cameras?

Here are Chief Reyes’ opinions and information on body worn cameras. What are your thoughts?

Law enforcement use of body worn cameras continues to be a discussion topic and growing industry across the United States. As you’re possibly aware, we have reported extensively on this industry over the past few years. In this video report, we brought in an expert to shed some additional light. Asst Chief, Ely Reyes, from Austin Police department, joined us to cover a number of relevant BWC topics.

Some of the data: Over the past year, there have been close to 200 new requests for the body worn camera technology. Over this time period, the U.S. regions leading in number of bid requests have been California, Florida, Texas, Georgia, and New York.

For a historical perspective, here are two of our previous reports:

State & Local Law Enforcement Agencies Grappling With the Purchase of Body Worn Cameras

Surge in Body Worn Camera Requests from Law Enforcement and Government Agencies. The latest…

Active Bids/RFPs

Body Worn Cameras

For more info on bid activity for the body worn camera industry, please call us at 888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.

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