How are Agencies Leveraging the Power of Biometrics?

Security, healthcare, and technology are among the industries whereby government agencies are making investments in biometrics. Ok, so what exactly has the public sector been up to? Well, there were 647 purchase requests/RFPs last year, so something’s going on.

What are some of the solutions, services, etc., being implemented? Among them are facial recognition software, identity management systems, live scan solutions, biometric testing, fingerprinting, patient-related biometric solutions, etc…

Check out this video report follow up to Anna Barnett’s original blog, ‘Biometrics. Government agencies interested in behavioral and physical characteristics’, from back in Sep 2016. As you can forecast from reading and watching, biometrics isn’t slowing down.

To see the bids and RFPs for biometrics, and for the bid documents, give us a call at 888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.

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