BidPrime’s New, Fully Customizable Email Alert Templates

BidPrime News Apr 08, 2020

We’ve come up with yet another way to make the BidPrime platform work harder and better for you. Our latest improvement lets you customize the way bid email alerts landing in your inbox are presented to you.

You now have over 1,250 styles and presentation configurations from which to choose. They’re incredibly easy to use, too.

You start by selecting one of five primary templates. Once you’ve made a pick, you then opt for format preferences from a user-friendly menu of possibilities. When you’re finished, all your arriving bid alerts will look the way you’ve decided makes viewing the received information most useful to you (as opposed to us making it look the way we think is most useful to you).

BidPrime Bid and RFP Notification Template example

We know flexibility is important to you. If you decide the choices you’ve made aren’t working out as well as you hoped, no problem. Just modify the configuration options until you have designed the one that best meets your needs. Our new feature gives you the freedom and power to do that. It enables you to experiment with display and arrangement of data, groupings, date-and-agency formatting, the number of bids visible in Bid Alerts, and much more.

None of this is to say that you must change your formatting preferences in order to continue using our alerts function. If you like the way your alerts are currently presented, do nothing and things will stand just as they are.

The whole idea is simply to give you a bigger range of options—especially if you’ve been wishing for better accessibility. The BidPrime engineering team developed the email templates to meet Section 508 principles for accessibility.

“We wanted to ensure that the greatest possible number of users would be able to benefit from these outstanding templates, so we put a lot of focus into Section 508 principles”, says Josh Schwartzbeck, BidPrime's CTO. “We dove deep into the Section 508 principles. We were going for maximum accessibility, so we needed to understand those principles inside out.”

Our COO, Stephen Hetzel explains a bit more about how the new templates for highly customizable email alerts came about: “In my conversations with clients, I’ve heard hundreds of suggestions about our email alerts. We decided the best response would be to devise a platform utility offering the widest possible array of options.”

BidPrime is now wrapping up development, testing, and release of an update to our already streamlined interface. We think you’re going to find the enhanced speed and search experience very helpful.

If you have any feedback or questions about the email alert customization feature or update to the user interface, your BidPrime Client Support team stands ready to assist.

Please visit BidPrime or call 888.808.5356 for more information.

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