BidPrime Webinar Covered Proposed ‘American Jobs Plan’ and Strategy to Win the Contracts

BidPrime News Jun 24, 2021

Bill Culhane and Anthony Kallas, a pair of industry experts on government purchasing, recently hosted a webinar available to BidPrime clients and those who have taken advantage of a free, no-obligation trial with BidPrime. Culhane and Kallas discussed the proposed ‘American Jobs Plan’ put forth by The White House, infrastructure-related industries, an overview of current and impending solicitations from the public sector, and how BidPrime assists businesses with connecting to the opportunities.

On the heels of the webinar, which had an exceptional turnout, here's a recap on what was presented.

Overview of the ‘American Jobs Plan’

Culhane and Kallas noted how the 2.3 trillion dollar ‘American Jobs Plan’, currently being debated in Congress, would be the largest infrastructure package in generations. But the plan does not just include laying asphalt. In fact, only one-third of the total budget ($623 billion) is for transportation. The rest will be divided among housing, development, waterway systems, education, the power grid, green energy, broadband, electric vehicles (among many other areas). This plan is so far-reaching that it will create opportunities for nearly every business that bids on federal, state, and local government contracts.

Breaking it down a bit further, the plan includes the following major investments:

    ● $115 billion for roads, highways, and bridges

    ● $85 billion for transit systems

    ● $623 billion for housing and development

    ● $100 billion for education, including facilities upgrades

    ● $100 billion to upgrade broadband, especially in rural areas

    ● Additional funds for other projects, including, but not limited to rebuilding the grid, electric vehicles, home health care, and clean energy

    Roads, Highways and Bridges

    Among the people BidPrime’s Bill Culhane has spoken with over the years are Greg DiLoreto and Brian Pallasch from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), who both described the current state of US bridges simply- “Need a lot of work.” In preparation for the webinar, Culhane also visited with Dr. Joseph Schofer, a leading expert on U.S. infrastructure, from Northwestern University. The ‘American Jobs Plan’ is targeting 20,000 miles of highways and roads, the ten most economically significant bridges, and 10,000 smaller bridges for investment. Basically, if you and your family drive over one of these assets, it’s on the list.

    With over 115 billion dollars included in the ‘American Jobs Plan’, bids for road, highway, and bridge projects are poised to explode in the next few months. You had better get ready to take advantage of the push by federal, state, and local agencies to address the problems.

    Transit Systems

    The BidPrime analysts summarized how roads, highways, and bridges are not the only transportation priority to receive a boost from this plan. Airports, ports, and waterways are receiving an 85 billion dollar boost.

    This is not just going to target the coasts. There are dozens of badly neglected critical dams and waterways all across the country that need to be redone and refurbished. Public transit, including buses and light rail, will also be getting a boost. And of course, our airports, infamous for their outdated amenities, are going to be refurbished, expanded, and revamped.

    Housing and Development

    Many of these plans are overdue, but at least they are getting to them now. Alongside transportation, the largest single area in the plan is Housing and Development, coming in at 623 billion. But what does that mean?

    This boils down to huge investments in affordable housing and in education. Essentially, it means construction: homes, facilities, schools that need to be refurbished. This also includes toxic waste sites and lead pipes that need to be decommissioned, redeveloped and replaced. And when you take the effects down the line, Culhane and Kallas predict it will mean contracts for architects, electricians, plumbers- you name it!

    Upgrading Broadband

    Kallas, who has researched the industry for many years, mentioned how, in talks since the Obama administration, the federal government has put upgrading broadband back on the table. This means 100 billion for towers, cables, equipment needed to make that happen. Rural areas, in particular, are expected to benefit from this part of the plan.

    Other Areas

    A large section of the plan is devoted to sustainability technology- green energy projects, reinforcing the electrical grid, decarbonization, electric vehicles, and fighting the effects of climate change. BidPrime recently published a report, specific to the Sustainability industry, ‘Industry Trends and Outlook For Sustainability Technology in the United States’.

    But another section of the plan is devoted to what is being called “human infrastructure”. Opportunities for bids in human infrastructure are expected to increase dramatically, with hundreds of billions budgeted for education, family support, workforce development, and home health care. There will be major opportunities, in particular, for vendors who work in the healthcare industry.

    How BidPrime Can Help YOUR Company Secure Contracts Originating from ‘American Jobs Plan’

    Congress is currently negotiating the details of the ‘American Jobs Plan’, but as soon as it reaches the President’s desk, the White House, together with state and local partners, will begin preparing thousands of bids for all the sectors discussed above. But in order to win these bids, you will need to reach them before your competitors do.

    BidPrime is uniquely positioned to help your company secure ‘American Jobs Plan’ bids. We get notification of these opportunities 2-4 days on average before our competitors. Why?

    While our competitors mostly use simple web-scrubbing to access the top 12 bidding websites, using a sophisticated IT network, we cover over 120,000 entities in real-time to get instant notification of bid postings. We search even down to classified ads to find every single possible opportunity for our clients. Many of our clients who were previously using three or even four different services find that we offer more coverage than they were getting from all of them combined!

    And unlike some of our competitors, who hide certain features under a layer of paywalls, at BidPrime, there are no extra add-ons or extra fees. Because of our extensive coverage, BidPrime is a one-stop-shop. In 9 out of 10 cases, bid documents can be downloaded with one click, but if the agency has not made the documents immediately available, you can request them via Docs on Demand and our team will get them to you quickly and efficiently.

    At BidPrime, we have always been so- unlike some of our competitors. We have never had to change our name or rebrand. Our excellent coverage, transparent pricing, and top-quality customer service have served our customers for years, giving us an over 91% client retention rate and a nearly 5-star rating on Google.

    If you are interested in getting the best bid coverage and customer service, look into our no-obligation free trial. We will help set you up and guide you through the process of identifying and receiving bids from the impending ‘American Jobs Plan’ today!

    For more information, or to view a recording of the recent webinar, visit BidPrime, or call us at 888.808.5356.

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