BidPrime Summer Fun

BidPrime News Jun 25, 2019

How time flies when you're having fun! Our team at BidPrime is excited about our contributions in helping our clients and team to grow and succeed. In addition, we enjoy our time away from the office.

We believe it's important for you to know more about the people who make up our BidPrime team. With summer now upon us, and in Austin that means the inevitable 100+ degree temperatures, here's what a handful of our folks like to do during the summer months.

Bill Culhane - Having grown up on island, Bill has an affinity for being anywhere near the water. As a family, they enjoy taking a trip each summer, usually with water nearby to their destination being a prerequisite. A few weeks ago, Bill and family travelled back east, to include a visit to, you guessed it, a couple of places on the water! When they aren't out and about, Bill's family likes to put together some good ol' Texas barbecue. 

Adirondack chairs

Jim Governor - Jim does a lot of relaxing, hanging out at the pool, consuming some quality BBQ, while playing volleyball badly. You'll find Jim heading downtown for some music, a couple of riverboat cruises and Batfest is certainly on his schedule, along with a weekend in San Antonio.  To cap things off, Jim will head up to Arlington for a baseball game... that is, when his beloved Boston Red Sox invade Texas on their quest for yet another World Series title!

David Hibbetts - The Hibbetts family stays busy over the summer by staying on the move. Their excursions include trips to Six Flags, Galveston to stick their feet in the Gulf of Mexico, travelling to various baseball tournaments nearly every weekend, and a trip at the end of the summer to David's uncle's cabin, in Colorado, for hiking and to escape the Texas heat. Did we mention the 100+ degree temperatures?

Cabin in the Woods

Tony Kallas - When Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017, Tony started to hear about the thousands of animals being brought in from Houston to neighboring cities, such as Austin. He felt compelled to save a life and headed to Austin Pets Alive, a no-kill animal shelter, to find the right dog who needed a forever home. Tony found Keanu, named Buckwheat at the time, a Rottweiller/Lab puppy mix. During the summertime, Keanu and Tony enjoy frequent visits to the dog park, as well as hiking in the beautiful greenbelt of Barton Springs, here in Austin, Texas. Tony and his four-legged friend also love to take frequent road trips throughout the Texas countryside, and often visit Dallas.

Big Bend National Park

Jim Ward - Jim started his summer by saving a helpless dog's life and rescuing him from the gallows.  Since then he has taken his dog, Buddy, kayaking and hiking and camping! Buddy has gone with Jim to his Aerial Arts/Aerial Yoga classes, although he hasn't participated. Yet! When he does, we cannot wait to share that story with you.

Jim is a soccer fan and has thoroughly enjoyed watching the Women's World Cup, in France.  The US side are the defending Cup holders and Jim is cheering them on to once again bring home the Cup. In particular, Jim is a huge fan of US superstar, Alex Morgan.

Yoga sunrise.

Mari Wilson - Mari loves the outdoors and her favorite summer activity is camping at nearby Krouse Springs in Spicewood, Texas. In Mari's opinion, and she is 100% correct, the gardens are so beautiful! Mari and crew thoroughly enjoy the ice-cold water, and the waterfall and she weighs in that the rope swing over the water is a blast!!

A walk among crystal clear lakes in Plitvice. Pretty neat if you have good weather…also bad for photos, because you have people everywhere

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