BidPrime Spotlight - Rick Jennings

BidPrime News Mar 26, 2019

We are proud of each of our teammates at BidPrime and appreciate the professionalism, talents, personalities, and interests each brings to our team. From your interactions with him, many of you already know Rick Jennings, one of the superstars on our Client Support team. As Rick approaches his two year anniversary with BidPrime, here are some things you possibly don’t know about our resident audio expert.

Originally from the DFW area in north Texas, Rick was raised in a household that loved music and the joy it brought them all. This eventually drove him to come down to Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas to study Sound Recording Technology.

Rick’s college curriculum brought him to study in various studios and with many mentors over the years that had produced some of the most widely known music and films throughout the United States. He considers himself very lucky to have been able to do so. Highlights include running audio operations at the SXSW festival and interning at Digital Domain in Austin, a post-production studio known and respected by many in the film/media industry.

Rick now spends his days playing/recording music around the Austin area, as well as helping and managing his client’s accounts at BidPrime. Along with providing first class client support, Rick also enjoys doing audio work for ‘The Big Bid Theory’, widely known as BidPrime’s premium quality podcast focusing on government purchasing.

DID YOU KNOW? In keeping with his musical leanings, Rick is a huge fan of old style Gaelic music (old Irish folk tunes).

For more information about our team and company, visit BidPrime.

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